Romance In Highgarden | Game of Thrones Themed Couples Session

This session was absolutely the stuff of life. I mean, I feel that way about all of my photoshoots, but this struck a certain nerd chord right in my chest. I squealed the whole time. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan (Or the original A Song Of Ice And Fire stories fan, for that matter) let us imagine some context. This is my imagining of Margaery Tyrell before Renly Baratheon, before Joffrey Baratheon, and before Tommen Baratheon. Highgarden sits on the West coast of Westeros, much like a Northern California or a North Carolina type landscape, lush with the most greenery and garden-scape in all Westeros.  At least that’s what I imagine. Just like Highgarden, House Tyrell’s mantra/quote, and even Margaery herself, this prerequisite love is “Growing Strong”….

“I don’t want to be “a” Queen.

I want to be the Queen”

-Margaery Tyrellgameofthrones2








5DMKIV | 50mm

Models: Lauren Edinger, Ryan Tremblay

Design/Costuming: Lauren Edinger, Lady Byrd Productions LLC

Venue: Tropical Island Nursery

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