Everyone wants to be sure the opponent is playing by the rules when it comes to competitive sports.

Using photo identification cards and an online tracking system for players and coaches allows all of the documentation required for a player to only be checked once. Presently many organizations manage their paperwork for each player several times a year to verify eligibility. And most players participate in a sport for several years during their childhood. Anytime a player advances in a championship event, as well as invitational events, people want to be sure the other coach is playing by the rules so paperwork has to be verified at each event. And still the question might remain, Did the manager have the proper documentation for the right player?

By implementing a registration solution, an organization can eliminate most of the paperwork review when it comes to eligibility. A good registration application tracks information on the player from the first time they are registered until the day they leave the program. Upon the participant’s initial registration, the paperwork can be provided and recorded and then tracked by the system from that point forward. But couldn’t a coach bring the wrong documentation to the first registration? Of course he can, but someone will catch the player sooner or later and then the system can be corrected. Our company has produced millions of ID cards and it’s a rare case that someone has provided the wrong documentation intentionally. Face it; the manager is the one being tracked on the system at the time of registration!

Individual Registration VS Team Registration

There are some sports that are handling registrations by the team and others by the players. One of the initials reasons that team registrations were created was in the ease of only tracking one name instead of every name on the team. There are commonly twentyfive athletes on an eleven man football team. So do the math: if an organization has 500 teams, it’s a lot easier to track the 500 teams than the 12,500 players.

But today with the systems available and those that could be programmed, there are great benefits to registering the individuals instead of just the team name. The benefits span on individual registration from tracking player movements from year to year and team to team through getting better rates on accidental and liability insurance.

Another great thing that can be incorporated into a good photo ID card program is incorporating background screening for the coaches and administrators. In today’s society we are more than aware that there are bad people in the wrong places. This is critical when it comes to our children as they play in organized sports because of the level of contact our coaches have with the participants. Everyone wants to know that the mentors on the field of play have been background screened. Incorporating a background check with the photo ID card allows rules to be enforced that forces all coaches wear their badges. And a good system will only produce ID cards only after the administrator or coach has been screened.

There are many other things that can be integrated into a photo id program such as team and league management features. If all of the participant’s information is captured in an online system, these records can be used to assist the coaches, tournament 먹튀검증 directors and league directors in better managing their programs. Scheduling league games, drawing up brackets and printing rosters can all be simpler to create if web tools are created to use with these registration records. These tools can also be utilized to track the movement of the players from year to year, game to game and team to team.