Employee drug testing is important for organizations as it helps in ensuring drug free workplace environment and reduces incidents of drug abuse among employees. A drug free environment at the workplace promotes positive attributes like professionalism, integrity, discipline, employee productivity, work culture etc. Addiction related crimes, accidents, injuries, absenteeism can be reduced as drug abusing employees can be effectively found out and removed.

Types of Employee Drug Testing:
Various types of E.D.T help organizations to ensure employees remain productive at work and prevent drug abusing employees from joining the organization.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing
For sustained growth and profitability of the organization, it is essential that healthy work environment and employee productivity is maintained in the organization. Pre-E.D.T help in effective hiring decision making as only productive and efficient employees can join the organization. By conducting this test, a future employee with addiction problems can be effectively found out that helps in increasing safety at the workplace and of other employees. As only efficient employees join the organization, organizations can be fully assured that all Federal work-safety guidelines will be followed by employees. Conducting this test helps organizations save considerable amount paid towards health insurance premiums, medical treatment, or as compensation due to addiction related accidents.

Random Drug Testing
In random drug testing, the organizations check employees randomly without giving prior intimation or notice about the testing. RDT is an effective tool for preventing drug abuse among the employees. Employees in safety or security sensitive environment when working under influence of drugs have a risk of causing security lapses, accidents, injuries, or damage. Thus, RDT helps prevent such incidents. RDT gives accurate and reliable results and can be easily performed using onsite urine and saliva test kits. RDT helps to save lives and reduce employer liability.

Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing
Organizations conduct reasonable suspicion Dr.testing on employee whey they strongly believe that the employee is abusing drugs. This test is conducted after observing patterns of drug use, symptoms of working under influence, or on arrest or getting Buy drugs online convicted for drug abuse. The decision of organization to conduct this test is based on proven evidences like report from reliable sources, evidence of tampering of his/her drug results, abnormal conduct, and direct observation of drug use. This testing helps to confirm the doubt of the organization about drug abuse by the employee. Drug abusing employees can be found out and removed ensuring safety, security, and drug free workplace environment.

Post-Accident Drug Testing
A post-accident drug testing is performed by the organization after the employee meets with a serious accident or injury during his work. This testing is performed to know whether the accident or injury occurred due to alcohol or drug use by the employee. This testing provides protection to the company from liability in case the employee was working under influence. On-the-job accidents get significantly reduced with this type of testing.

Return to Duty Drug Testing
Return to duty drug testing is performed after the employee joins back to duty after reporting positive for drug abuse and later attending a rehabilitation program. With this testing, the organization gives the employee a second chance.