With the UK avoiding a third dip recession and the economy weakening what hope is there for online marketers?

Plenty! The jobs market may be shrinking and manufacturing in decline but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a buoyant market out there hungry for information products. You just have to find it and give it what it wants. Simple.

So how should you go about it? Look at markets where people are hunting information. What is it that they want? What is their biggest and most compelling problem? Can you solve it? Can you put together a free product to give away?

Do some investigation. Read forums in different niches. Look on books selling on Amazon. What are trends you can latch onto and develop products for that market.

The issue with most markets is not that the information is not out there, it is. It’s just that people are lazy. They can’t be bothered to do the research. They’d rather someone else did it for them and spoon fed them.

This is where the online marketer can win. You see doing the spade work that others can’t or won’t do is where you can win. Gather your information and put it together into a small report. Give it away for free. Why you ask?

Give your customers the basics for solving an issue. They will see you have delivered them value. This in turn means you are connecting directly with the customer. Your aim is to build up trust. This won’t happen overnight.

It’s estimated you need to ‘touch’ or ‘connect’ with people at least seven times to make them buy from you. So when giving away your free report make sure you capture their e-mail address. By doing this you can start a dialogue.

The best way of doing this is by using an auto responder service such as AWeber. You can send out regular emails and posts to people on your list. You can try it for $1. The aim isn’t to sell but to offer help, advice and guidance.

In order to connect with people regularly start article marketing online or blogging. This builds up more credibility in the market for you. You are trying to become the authority in your chosen sector so people look to you for advice.

Once you’ve made the connection and begun communicating with people you can find out what they want. How? Why not ask them? You can get direct feedback or you can do a survey. Use free tools like Survey Monkey. Armed with this information you can build and develop new products to service your market. You could even take your original report and break it down into a series of reports each going into much more detail of resolving issues.

Take it a step further and turn those items into videos. You can post them for free on YouTube. Use the audio from your video and make an MP3 file or CD. Use Audacity, another free resource tool.

Each and every item is another product for a hungry market will be looking to consume. If you offer real value and make the right connection you can really build and develop a lucrative and profitable online market.

To start an online business can be a relatively low cost affair. You can try and test different ideas to find the right market for your products. Ultimately the aim is to build a list of customers, give them good information and value, and provide them with products that will help solve their problems.