Are you ready for the big secret? Are you ready to find out how thin people can eat whatever and whenever they want without gaining weight? It’s going to sound deceptively simple, but don’t be fooled. It’s the simplest and yet the most difficult thing in the world.

What makes it difficult is that it involves some basic, fundamental shifts in how you approach food, eating, yourself, and your life. As you read, imagine yourself behind that thin person’s eyes, and notice how you feel.

Thin people do four fundamental things that fat people don’t.

1. They hardly ever eat unless their body is hungry.
2. They eat exactly what their body wants to eat.
3. They don’t eat unconsciously; they stay conscious of what they’re eating and the effect it’s having on their body.
4. They stop eating when their body’s hunger goes away.

It’s as simple as that. I couldn’t believe it at first and tried to make it more complicated. It had to be the kind of food they ate or their metabolism. But I found that some thin people eat junk food, and some eat health food. Some eat an early dinner, and some 먹튀검증커뮤니티 eat late at night. Some eat quickly, others eat slowly. The only things they all have in common are that they eat when their body gets hungry, they eat exactly what their body wants, they’re aware of every bite they take and the effect it’s having on their body, and they stop when their body’s hunger goes away.

If you stop and think about it, that’s how children and animals eat. It’s the natural approach to eating. Let’s take those four characteristics one at a time.

1.THIN PEOPLE EAT BECAUSE THEY’RE HUNGRY. It doesn’t occur to naturally thin people to combine donuts and sadness, as fat people often do. Their days don’t revolve around food. Sometimes they say, “Oh, I forgot to eat today.” The only time we forget to eat is when we’re asleep or unconscious, but if thin people aren’t hungry, they don’t think about food. It isn’t an issue in their lives, since they give themselves permission to eat exactly what they want. It wouldn’t occur to them to eat for any of the reasons we do-they eat because their body is hungry, and that’s it! They don’t waste food by eating more than their body needs. Food is just food, not love, comfort, sex, companionship, etc.

2.THIN PEOPLE EAT EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT TO EAT. Thin people do a funny thing-before they sit down to a meal, they usually take the time to ask themselves what they want to eat. They don’t ask themselves what they should eat; they ask themselves what they want to eat. They know that if they want French fries, a head of lettuce isn’t going to satisfy them. If they want a baked potato, cottage cheese isn’t going to do it. If you want rocky road ice cream, a thousand carrot sticks aren’t going to satisfy you! And there’s one thing naturally thin people never do-they never go on a diet.

3.THIN PEOPLE EAT CONSCIOUSLY. They stay conscious of what they’re eating and the effects it’s having on their body. They would never find themselves with their hand at the bottom of the box, wondering who at all the popcorn. Since they pay attention to what they’re eating, they’re satisfied with less and enjoy their food more. Because thin people are awake and conscious when they’re eating, they know when their body has had enough. Most fat people have no idea how full they are before, while, or after they eat. Naturally thin people are ignorant about food. They don’t know anything about diets, and the process of counting calories baffles them. They only know four things: when they’re hungry, what they want to eat, what each bite of food they put in their mouth is doing there, and when their body has had enough.