More people are seeing the tremendous advantages of using external hard drives. These digital drives can be used just like USB ports, only with more storage capacity. Instead of running on its own, the external hard drive connects to a laptop or desktop through use of a high-speed interface cable. With newer models just under 8 ounces in weight, it makes for easy carry and storage and users are able to secure the device on the outside of the main computer. There are many purposes and benefits that external hard drives provide. They are able to securely backup data storage, and provide additional storage and portability. Let’s look at these and other benefits to having an external hard drive.

Backing Up Data

A portable external drive allows users to back up all the files on their computer in a safe and secure environment. Data, music, movie files and more can be stored more efficiently than with other portable systems like CD-Rs and Best 1TB external Hard Disk. Products like the top rated Western Digital My Passport Essential SE Portable External Hard Drive holds a capacity of 1TB (terabyte) for maximum storage, has dual USB 2.0 and 3.0 interface and has password protection for added security. Western Digital also features WD Sync, which keeps users updated on the most current data drive version. When shopping for the best deal, less expensive or cheaper hard drives may have less storage capacity. There are some models, however that hold over 2 TB, but Hitachi has a model, the XL 1000 Desk which features the same amount of storage space for almost half the price of the other name brands.

Additional Storage

A portable drive can free up a lot of space on the main computer system. In many cases, it can prolong the life span of the main computer and save the user time in finding lost files or having to remove a file just to make room in the system. Most models come equipped to hold a little over 1 terabyte or 2 of space for even more digital storage space. Some allow for an entire virtual workstation to be stored! If that were not enough, some drives provide added security features like integrated fingerprint reading, which prevents unauthorized users from accessing the drive. And even if its lost or stolen, files cannot be accessed.

True Portability

Portable external drives are able to provide more space to the main computer system. With its ability to hold tremendous amounts of information. Users also have the ability to connect the hard drive to other computers, allowing ease and convenience while at the same time, knowing that their files are secure because the drives of today have built-in many additional security measures that prevent files from becoming infected.

The true value of having a portable external hard drive can only be measured by the owner. The most important thing for users to keep in mind while looking for a drive is to know what they want it for. If the drive will be used for small projects, don’t invest in a large capacity disc. However, if it’s going to be used to house a whole network along with other valuable items, then maximum storage units are what you want to go with. For what it’s worth though, it seems an external hard drive is a more practical investment in time and money than in losing important information from storage overload and viruses.