So you’ve been to the dentist and they have broken the news to you that you need braces. For some that can be stressful to hear because of what we all know about traditional braces. Fortunately, fixing crooked teeth with braces has come a long way from the old wired ones. A new alternative that has attracted many patients to the idea of braces is Invisalign.

Invisalign is a procedure in which they provide a safe and effective alternative to straightening your teeth without anyone even knowing; invisible alignment, as the name implies.The cost for braces You get the same benefits of the original braces without the discomfort, embarrassment and unsightly appearance.

Invisalign works by first using a 3-D imaging system to map out an effective treatment plan for the patient, starting with the initial positioning of the teeth, followed by the desired outcome. The process of moving your teeth is done in stages. You will have custom-made, clear aligner put in your mouth that will gradually move your teeth into place for a couple of weeks. When that time is up, you will visit your dentist again and a new aligner is put in, repeating the process until the desired position of your teeth is achieved. The course of treatment can be expected to last in the vicinity of 12 months, depending on the extent of correction needed. The great thing about these aligners is that they are virtually invisible and are made of a very sturdy medical plastic.

More and more people are now opting for Invisalign over traditional braces. Along with all their many benefits, what truly sets them apart from the older, permanently fixed braces is that they are removable. This means that you don’t have to worry about what you eat or drink because you can brush and floss your teeth normally. No more embarrassing pieces of food stuck in your braces! It also means fresher breath, given that brushing and flossing is easy.

Many teens require orthodontic treatment but fear the stigma attached to traditional braces, making this an ideal solution. Invisalign Teen has been developed meet this specific need, and is safe even if all the permanent teeth have not come through. Also being removable, this allows teens to enjoy sports that may be inappropriate or at the very least dangerous for traditional braces, attend social functions with confidence and even play wind instruments.

Invisalign may be used to fix a wide variety of dental and orthodontic needs. The aligners are great with fixing overly crowded teeth, teeth with wide spaces, crossbites, overbites and underbites. Young or old, the results are impressive; a beautiful, healthy smile for the rest of your life!