The biggest misconception of the building supply super store is that their prices are good. If compared to other local stores you will find that their prices might be better on a few items, but ultimately they are marking their profits on everything else being over priced. These stores will lead you in with a few low sale prices; but their relentless marketing makes you believe that all their prices are low and or unbeatable.

I found this out when I started shopping for kitchen cabinets. I was confused by a small amount of choices in Home Depot and the outrageous prices. When I asked a sales associate, he confided with me and said that Home Depot purposely will carry only a few choices of kitchen cabinets and the rest have to be special ordered. Of course these special order cabinets cost more money and make more money for the store. I then traveled to Lowes and found an even worse selection.

I decided to go online and look for cabinets. I was able to find a few good sites and decided to go with a line of RTA kitchen cabinets. What are RTA kitchen cabinets? Well that is the first secret! It is a Ready To Assemble kitchen cabinet. They are easy to put together and cost 40% to 65% less than pre-assembled or custom ordered kitchen cabinets. Also when I say easy to assemble; I mean these cabinets are put together with a flat head screw driver. However at the same time, they are remarkably strong and sturdy.

The next secret I found was to avoid buying your kitchen counter tops at the big chain supply stores. I found that local kitchen stores carry the same thing but for far less in price. Look in your Electronics yellow pages and see what is out there. You’re bound to find some local stores that will actually care about saving you money and are willing to work on tighter margins to get your business.

Look online for appliances. Yes, they are expensive to ship, but if you find someone local, you’re going to save a large amount of money. If you find something farther away from your area, factor in the costs to get the item verse the costs at a store. Also you might be able to take that price you have found online and have a local store try to match that price.

The final item is the flooring for you kitchen. Again think local stores and avoid the super store. You will be tempted by prices at the big box retailers, but if your going with ceramic tile, prices are relatively the same and the small stores will more likely give you a discount because your giving them business. Lumber Liquidators are popping up everywhere for hardwood flooring, but you can actually get an even better deal if you know exactly how many square feet you will need and you shop the discount building supply stores for closeout deals.

Keep all of this in mind and you will successfully save a ton of money on your new kitchen.