Leopard gecko hides are essential pieces of your new pets habitat. When thinking about the design on your Leo’s cage, you need to take into consideration the number of shelters you are going to provide. Hide My WP A basic rule of thumb is a minimum of two hides for your pet to hang out and play in. This will give them so choice and variety so they don’t get bored, and they might prefer one over the other. But the ultimate habitat will have three shelters for them to choose from.

Why are hides important for the health of your Leo? These shelters provide a safe environment, out of sight, for your pet to sleep, relax, and shed without being bothered. This feeling of safety is critical and reduces any stress them might be feeling.

When deciding on a hide for your Leo, there are three basic leopard gecko hides that you should consider. These three hides are a warm hide, cool hide, and a most hide. All three provide very important and necessary control of the reptiles body temperature.

Warm leopard gecko hides are easily created by placing a commercial or home-made hide directly above or below a heat source in their cage. A warm hides is a must for your pet because many times after they have eaten, they will enter their hide to warm up and increase their metabolism to aid in digestion of food.

Since your Leo is cold blooded, it needs to be able to control its body temperature. Cool leopard gecko hides provide this opportunity for your pet. A cool shelter is simple placed on the cooler side of the tank. This is a must because without a cool hide, your pet isn’t going to be able to control its body temperature. This can lead to very serious sickness even death from over-heating or dehydration.

The final hide in your pets cage should be a moist or humid hide. This kind of shelter is not necessary but very beneficial to your Leo. A moist hide helps your pet when it is time to shed. The humidity in the air helps soften the skin which makes it easier for them to shed especially around their eyes and toes!

If you are planning on breeding your reptilian friend, a moist hide is the ideal spot for females to lay there eggs. The temperature and humidity levels are ideal for proper incubation of the eggs.