Our first dog is a pit bull. Not only has she made our house a home, but she has changed our life forever. Kalypso came to us at the ripe old age of three months. She was born at the bottom of the pecking order as the runt. read more on mycuteanimals She wasn’t given the best care and was eventually rescued by Paws 4 Thought pet rescue. That is when she came to us. It was love at first sniff.

Her less than ideal beginning led to a bevy of health issues. She came into our lives as a host for roundworms and congenital mange. After being treated she contracted whipworms from contaminated soil. Treatment for this specific parasite is time consuming. Later on she was diagnosed with giardia, which is a common pit bull malady. Although she has had her fair share of issues, she has been the best addition to our family.

Kalypso has quite a personality on her. At our local dog park she was deemed “half pit, half hippo” after charging full speed, face first into a mud puddle then proceeding to roll around until she was completely covered.

She also treats our 6 year old like a little brother. She will sit next to him and creep up behind him and lick his ear and run away. Even though they tease each other, when he is frightened she is right there by his side to protect him. She protects me as well. While watching a scary movie alone, she began growling at the television for frightening me.