With the daily shootings, terrorist’s acts, and natural disasters many people are questioning their convictions whether they are of a political, religious, or ethnic nature. Add to that questioning current environmental issues, safety of the food chain, and the disenchantment with the educational system we have the makings of a cocktail composed of disillusion, distress, disappointment, and despair. If that isn’t enough to cause a good case of stress we are in the midst of a national heroin crisis. If all of this isn’t enough to jar your teeth add the human sex trade that is rampant in this country.

To what can the blame be placed for this ugly national montage of symptoms of our national decline? Our national core beliefs are directly responsible for the societal mess we are Pathway Environmental experiencing. As a nation we claim to believe in the equal, fair, and just treatment of all humans. We condemn other nations for inhumane treatment of their citizens. Yet, we degrade those of color, different ethnic background, religious views, and sexual orientation. If this is an example of hypocrisy, I don’t know what is.

Behind the malaise are individual core beliefs. What is a core belief? Simply, it is a belief that is not based on verifiable fact. This country is loaded with them, isn’t it? Core beliefs are responsible for poor personal relationships, family dysfunction, work-place issues, and mental health issues. Without question the fundamental problem nations face in dealing with each other is their respective core belief systems. For example, one of this country’s core beliefs is that everyone should live in a democracy.

Counseling can go a long way in absolving the issues created by unverified non-factual core beliefs. The counseling being proposed here is spiritual counseling. Immediately red flags will start to wave because the word spiritual usually suggests something religious. That is not the case in this particular instance. What then, is spiritual counseling?

Spiritual counseling is much broader in scope than that traditionally offered by clergy. It is based on principles that are not associated with organized religion. Chief among these principles are self-respect, self-responsibility, and self-completeness. These three principles are based upon the fourth; respect for free-will. Furthermore, spiritual counselors do tend to believe that the connection between an individual and a greater power than themselves can produce positive changes and benefits for the client. Spiritual counseling is designed to heal and empower an individual rather than labeling, diagnosing, and or prescribing medication. To accomplish that end a variety of activities may be used by the counselor. Among these activities are meditation, visualization, hypnosis, and or energy work such as Reiki.