A Thanksgiving gift basket is a Thanksgiving gift basket, right? WRONG! Prices range from $50 up to $125+. They come in gourmet, gluten free, organic, and inexpensive as well as break down even further into very specific categories such as teacher, crema di tatrufo nero child, snack food, coffee, cheese, chocolate and combination Halloween/Thanksgiving gift baskets.

And yet, we can break it down even further

What would Thanksgiving be without alcohol? In my house, it wouldn’t be so. So it’s a good thing for me that Thanksgiving gift baskets come in the theme of… wines. There’s Rosewood red, red wine with dark chocolate, Wild Horse trio and Catena Duo Argentinean (complete with grapes). There are also beers from around the world, champagne and truffles, Dom Perignon (yea, right) and a wine picnic basket.

You don’t drink alcohol?

Well, first off, let me just say how sorry I am… for you. Never fear though, there are actually healthy baskets such as… Fruit: orchard abundance, estate collection, an apple a day, bountiful harvest, dried fruits and nuts, double-dipped fruit indulgence (comes with chocolate to dip your formerly healthy fruit in), nature’s picnic, purely fruit, peak of the harvest, scrumptiously delicious and the ever popular season’s sampler.

Still not healthy enough?

Okay, now you’re really pushing it. But-let it not be said that there are no Thanksgiving baskets for you. We have here the healthy deluxe and the healthy health premium. There are also gluten free baskets. There is even a kosher gift basket and an organic basket made just for Thanksgiving.

Something special

Various themes or favorites are mixed and mingled in between all these others. Some of them are: chocolate themed, snacky-type (cookies, peanuts, cheese sticks, pretzels, etc.), several New England’s (pancakes and maple syrup, bacon, etc.), table in Tuscany (Italian style-pasta, cappuccino, bread sticks, salad, risotto, etc.), Country Inn (more pancakes, ham, biscuits…), weekend in Paris (champagne, crepes, truffles, pate and crackers, tea, honey, biscuits, etc.), metropolitan (it would be shorter for me to list what isn’t in here), soup and crocks, soup and salad, sweets (classic and premium) and my all time favorite The Celebrity Chef Grilling-BBQ-Marinating-Cooking Gift Basket (Mmmm).

Various other gift baskets could be substituted for the actual Thanksgiving baskets. If your host has everything covered but you still want to bring them something that they would really love, you could bring them a basket made with them in mind. Your choices include: Fun, hobbies or interests, cuisines, alcohol (I need to go to my cellar after writing this article) and more. Broken down further:

• Fun: Collectibles like Disney, Mickey Mouse and mini baskets for under $25
• Hobbies/interests: Golf, the movies, grilling, gardening, fishing, football, pets and skiers
• Cuisines: Italian, Tex-Mex, Sea food, breakfast, French and pizza
• Booze: Champagne, beer, wine and cocktails

There are even fresh flower gift baskets for the old school gift giver in you. Just as an added note; since we’re discussing Thanksgiving here, a care package for a certain someone may be in order. There are military care packages, college student care packages (exam cram, midnight snack and junk food), arts and crafts, camp essentials, sports, games and activities and kids (sports, camp, and glow-in-the-dark).