People nowadays actually use the internet for more than just looking through stuff. The internet has actually grown up a lot ever since it was first created, and its purposes have become more and more diverse as people discover a lot about what they can do in the internet which wasn’t possible before.

rising blog

Enter the rise of the blogosphere. Weblogs could be seen as online “diaries” wherein people write about a lot of topics under the sun. Today, the weblogs or blogs have also become more diverse, and are now used in a variety of ways, sometimes as inventive as one blogger – the person who writes and maintains the blog – could probably ever imagine. There are now food blogs, pet blogs, family life blogs, technology blogs, fashion blogs – and some of the most popular social networking websites have also included blogging options in their users’ accounts, such as Friendster. Blogs are also used sometimes as a photographic diary, with the blogger posting pictures about what is currently going on in his or her life at the moment. Blogs have also given rise to the popularity of widgets, embeddable applets that could be installed into the blog itself and allow for mini weather forecasts, music streaming, and a lot of other possible games and other content that could be put in the blog to make it more interesting to its readers.

Blogs are also fully customizable. One only has to learn HTML or CSS – the designing language needed to create a great website – or could opt for the many free blog designs that creative web artists have came up with to share with people found on the internet. Also, there are available blogging development tools ready for downloads over the internet. One of the many examples include WordPress is a popular downloadable and open source publishing tool that is very customizable. Another is Textpattern, which is also similar to WordPress, and could also be used as either a website developing tool or even a blog developing tool.

Also, with the inclusion of blogs in a lot of popular social networking sites, blogs are also a way wherein people get to meet people who share their interests in whatever the blogger is talking about in his or her own blog. Blogs that come bundled with such sites offer limited customization though, but these same social networking sites also come with options which allow people to customize them through the use of CSS and other latest designing language available on the internet today.

All in all, blogs have actually defined what a person could do that could change the internet – blogs have reported about a lot of topics, and have helped other people become aware of a lot of things, and get involved in more ways than first thought possible. Blogs have also made people become more interactive with one another, giving feedback, and are useful in the exchanging of ideas. And with more and more people going online, it’s not that hard to imagine that this online journal that indeed, the rise of the blogosphere is upon us.