What is coronary sinus? Is it similar to having a sinus infection? These are some of the queries which run across your mind. Only a biologist, pharmacist or doctor could give you the right answer. It is normally not accompanied by headache, pain in the eyebrow, dental pain or congestion as in the normal sinus cases, so do not get confused.

So, what is coronary sinus? It is collection of veins put together to form a large vessel to collect blood from myocardium of the heart; it is found in both human beings and animals. Situs PKV It collects drained blood from the heart muscles. Fresh blood is supplied by the coronary arteries to the heart. Coronary sinus is seen placed very clearly from the back of the human heart. It is located between the left atrium and ventricle. Other sinus in the heart is pericardial sinus – they are: transverse pericardial sinus and oblique pericardial sinus.

What is Coronary Sinus Atrial Septal Defect (ADS)?

Coronary sinus ASD is a fault which is positioned in the part of the atrial septum which comprises of the coronary sinuses orifice.

They are not related to other non-cardiac syndrome or organ-system anomalies, so what is coronary sinusitis ADS. It is associated with congenital cardiac defects and is detected during childhood stage. The symptoms widen during the twenties but still for others it may remain silent for several years. In some cases, the heart beat may be associated with cardiac irregularities like Atrial Situs abnormalities. Generally arrhythmias seldom occur during childhood.

Respiratory infections or reactive airway disease are frequent in few patients.

It is not traced to inheritance, though it is traced to X-linked inheritance patterns. It is highest for siblings followed by mothers than fathers. No particular genetic syndromes are found.

It is also seen that females are more prone to the disease than males; the female to male ratio is 2:1.

On the whole Coronary sinus defects are due to the superior vena cava draining into the coronary sinus.