An online hearing test is a hearing frequency test that determines how sharp a person’s hearing is, but should not be regarded and considered as a clinical data. Purity testing web If you feel that you have a hearing impairment, it is still best to see a professional audiologist to seek help. This online test is not a diagnostic test and may not cover all aspects of hearing. If you are currently undergoing any form of medication for your hearing impairment, hearing tests online should not be treated as a replacement to your regular audiometric tests that are provided by your doctor or by a registered hearing aid dispenser. It is still best to continue seeing your doctor despite taking this test, since your doctor will be able to provide medical recommendations and also help you assess if you need to take full audiological assessment.

The aim is to help people identify and recognize the possibility of having a hearing loss. These tests also encourage people to take action on their hearing loss suspicions and go see a doctor if necessary. However, some of these online tests are not designed for children. Children who are suspected to have hearing impairment should be diagnosed by a doctor and should be referred to full diagnostic testing if there’s a concern over their hearing. As for adults, these serve for informational purposes only and is not meant or intended to replace professional hearing evaluations.

The purpose of hearing tests online is to measure a person’s relative ear sensitivity at various frequencies. These hearing tests produce hearing sensitivity curves or the frequency response of a person’s ears. The flash scripts embedded in these hearing tests allow a person to play sound files that have a range of sound levels and frequencies at the click of a mouse. Though the sound files are carefully prepared by most sites that offer such tests, the purity and sound level depends much on the frequency response of a user’s headphones and sound cards. And to achieve best results in taking these tests, it is recommended to use high quality headphones that enclose your ears entirely to seal out noises. The use of ordinary loudspeakers while taking these tests is discouraged as this method yields unfavorable results, especially at low frequency. Also, loudspeakers are often affected by resonances and interference effects, thus results obtain by this method is rendered useless.

In taking online hearing tests, most web sites provide instructions on how to start the test. They recommend taking the test in a quiet surrounding and allow the user to manually adjust the volume so that they can hear the words clearly. In most cases, after the test has been calibrated, adjusting the volume is no longer allowed. The age and gender of the person taking the test is also required to be provided and some questions are asked, mostly about difficulty in hearing, before the test begins. Once a person is done taking the test, results will be based on how you have responded and recommendations may be provided to assist the person in understanding fully the results of the hearing test.